Los Angeles Band NCIRCLE Releases New Single “Old School Groove”

NCIRCLE, a Los Angeles based R&B/Soul band, has released their newest single, “Old School Groove”

NCIRCLE, a Los Angeles based R&B/Soul band, has released their newest single, “Old School Groove.” The track itself is a heartfelt, earnest return to the days of R&B and Soul music when it was not possible to form a band without obvious talent on the part of each musician involved. NCIRCLE is a return to the glory days of Motown, a time before such stage magic as autotune and believable synthesized bass, when good music also meant good style, good taste, and even good intentions.

If anyone can show modern music fans what it means to make truly excellent music – if anyone can remind the R&B industry what Rhythm-and-Blues used to mean to people – it’s NCIRCLE. “Old School Groove” is a fine single with which to introduce them, too.


Their sound is part Neville Brothers, part Isley Brothers, part Parliament Funkadelic, part Al Green. Their guitar (Michael McDonald) plays clean-channel cool jazz leads that never intrude, while their bass (John Haynes) effortlessly leads the melody way out front. They have a flawless sax crooning leads (Andre Delano), and a keyboard making a velvet curtain of sound in the background (Ed Roth). The drums are led by Kenny “Blanket” Williams, who lays back like an old pro and keeps time like an atomic clock. The vocals, however, are really what make NCIRCLE stand out. Led by the outstanding T.C. Moses, the band features disco-quality harmonies and falsettos that would make the Bee Gees proud. T.C. himself is never misses a note, never sounds “pitchy,” and is never guilty of the showboating, over-souling runs up and down the musical scale that plague R&B radio stations all across America. NCIRCLE’s lyrics, too, are worth noting.


In fact, the band is perhaps best represented by their own words from this particular single, when they sing, “Hey, DJ, I’m not tryin’ to bring down your pop and rap. I just want to let you know, soul music is where it’s at. Before you know it, it’s gonna be toppin’ the charts because it’s the kind of music that touches everybody’s heart.”


Of their intentions, drummer Blanket has said, “With the world saturated with fabrication, we focus on the real, bringing real music that touches the heart and soul, and lyrics that enlighten and inspire.” Without a doubt, NCIRCLE has done this with their new single, “Old School Groove.” Their music is indeed made for “dancin’, party-enhancin’,” and every music fan deserves to give it a spin.


-Sean McCauley

MondoTunes Staff Writer


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