Lane Chaser releases debut album, “23”

Aussie pop phenoms release debut album

With their debut album, “23” Lane Chaser have firmly established that they’re ready for the big time. The Aussie quartet produce radio-friendly indie pop with a rock sensibility that’s so catchy and familiar, it’s hard to believe they’re not already on the charts. Two years in the making, “23” is alt-rock for the masses. Effervescent melodies are carried with a sense of urgency by hard-driving rhythms from bassist Luis Eguren and drummer Gerard Quirk, and the voice of lead singer and guitarist Jack Dahlqvist complements guitarist Ryan Bailey perfectly.

The four friends are all from Melbourne, which perhaps explains their natural chemistry. Whatever the source, Lane Chaser have been lighting up clubs and airwaves since 2009.

Since getting together, the band has been busy, playing shows all over Melbourne and Victoria, and drawing attention from fans, and airtime in the UK, Japan, and here in the US. Back home, they’ve developed a reputation for their high-octane live performances, and the album captures the energy and passion of a concert experience down to the last reverb-soaked note.

Lead track “Dancing All Alone” is a mercurial, shimmering love letter that seems destined for heavy rotation in the near future, and the rest of the tracks are just as catchy. At times melancholy, and then full of in-your-face abandon, the other ten tracks on “23” show just why Lane Chaser is poised to take things to the next level very soon.

The group cites a wide array of acts like U2, the Beatles, Muse, Jimmy Eat World and Radiohead, as well as fellow Australian bands like Kisschasey and Motor Ace as influences. That inspiration is clear in the vocal harmonies on tracks like “Nothing Changes,” which sound every bit as polished as they are infectious.

Lane Chaser’s “23” is currently available on iTunes, myspace, and other online outlets.

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer


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Lane Chaser

PO Box 2136

Prahran, Melbourne, Vic Australia 3181.

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