The Squeemo’s release new single, ‘Kristin Wil Is Trippin on Acid’



The band known as the Squeemo’s have released their latest single, titled “Kristin Wil Is Trippin on Acid.” The single has been published on the Infinitesolutions music record label. A bizarre, highly creative single with its heart on its sleeve and its mind in the eddying myriad of the cosmos, “Kristin Wil Is Trippin on Acid” is one of the most fun and imaginative sonic journeys available to audiophiles today.


The sound of “Kristin Wil Is Trippin on Acid” is akin to the tone of the band’s name, the Squeemo’s: strange, otherworldly, and with uncommon instruments playing unaccountable notes constantly coming in and going out at unlikely points in the song.


According to their official bio, the Squeemo’s are purported to be “an extremely popular intergalactic band of shape-shifting aliens who have rocked the universe, planet by planet, sharing their eclectic brand of humorous fun-loving party music as they drunkenly zig-zag their way through the galaxy.”


Whether the enigmatic apostrophe in their band name denotes missing letters, possession, or an exotic form of alien contraction is as yet unknown. Having contacted the band’s only human member, Squeemo’s producer, translator and lead singer Richard Allen (Rickie Squeemo) for further information, we find that even he must admit ignorance of much Squeemo’s history, though they formed the basis of his musical career.


“The Squeemo’s contacted me at a very early age,” he says.


R. Squeemo cites as the Squeemo’s’ main artistic influences such extraterrestrial (and controversial) performers as the Floovals, Waba Melika and the Penis Pumps, the Probes, the Deep-Space Dildos, and the Black Hole Slurpers.


He writes that the central theme of “Kristin Wil Is Trippin on Acid” is that “Pleasure is all around you; make it your daily quest in life.”


“Kristin Wil Is Trippin on Acid” by the Squeemo’s is available online everywhere.


-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer



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