Sharon Naso releases new single ‘Christmas Time’



The singer and songwriter of pop music known as Sharon Naso has released her latest single, a seasonal song titled, “Christmas Time.” The song has been released on the Eleven 11 Records music label. A highly danceable, upbeat and colorful song full of the holiday spirit, “Christmas Time” by Sharon Naso draws on the Yuletide traditions from cultures around the globe.


Sharon Naso cites as main artistic influences the entire collection of music the world has to offer.


“I love all genres of music,” she writes. However, she has a particular affinity for pop, jazz, classical, Broadway, and dance music, and most of these elements appear prominently in “Christmas Time.”


Imagining Naso’s “Christmas Time” as the anthem to a choreographed dance routine is easy, but the song just as naturally lends itself to the Christmas atmosphere of a living room bustling with family anywhere on earth. It is the song’s themes which allow for such elasticity in listening circumstances.


“Christmas is celebrated all over the world by so many people who speak so many different languages,” writes Naso of this. “The message of ‘joy, love and peace’ resonates with every culture and continent. I want everyone to embrace this idea during the holiday season and throughout the year.”

Sharon Naso grew up playing piano in Buffalo, NY. She taught piano to elementary school students in the Buffalo Public School system before joining the ranks of corporate America with much success. After completing classes in composition and jazz at Westminster Choir College’s Piano Pedagogy Program in Princeton, NJ, Naso returned to songwriting and has been developing her repertoire ever since. “Christmas Time” represents her first official release for which she has composed both music and lyrics. More official Naso singles are to follow in the near future.


“Christmas Time” by Sharon Naso is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer





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