Once Was There releases new LP ‘Eternal Sunshine’

The music project known to fans only as Once Was There has released a new LP record, “Eternal Sunshine.” An entirely independent release, the album has been proudly published without support of the corporate music industry. It is composed of 11 original tracks for a full hour’s worth of listening. Described variously as indie, lo-fi, glo-fi, electronica and UK rock, “Eternal Sunshine” by Once Was There stands as a perfect example of how the new era of rock composers are taking the music back.


Once Was There cites as main artistic influences several legendary bands, including Oasis, Radiohead, Kasabian and Chemical Brothers, as well as a few celebrated newcomers such as Tame Impala, Sun Glitters, and MillionYoung. While the music principles of Once Was There cleave to the super-modern sensibilities of the latter, the sound of “Eternal Sunshine” sounds largely inspired by the former. Fans of Brit Pop will be enthusiastic, as will fans of chillout rock and electronica.


Asked to describe the intended overall theme of the album, Once Was There writes, “That when someone listens to music, they make it into their own experience and meaning. So, one song can have millions of meanings and content; just depends on who is listening!”


The official Once Was There website [link provided below] describes the “Eternal Sunshine” LP with the following:


“Once Was There: A musical journey of Melodic-Harmony Space Rock sound that carries the listener through a smooth forward momentum- from intro-spective to extro-spective and back again.
Fundamental components include catchy and soothing guitar-key loops, combined with multi-vocal chorus lines to hypnotize the senses.
“Deep Groov-a-tronic bass runs are sprinkled and carved into the moving space that takes the listener along side your tour guide vocalist to make sense or no-sense of our eco-morphogenic-sphere of consciousness.

“Put your headphones on, and stay for a while…

Crank up the V.

Let us ‘Take -You- There.’


“Eternal Sunshine” by Once Was There is available online worldwide.



-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer



Eternal Sunshine” by Once Was There at Amazon –




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Website –




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