Composer Sleeping Thunder releases new LP record “Soundtrack for a Science Fiction”

The composer known as Sleeping Thunder has released his latest LP album, “Soundtrack for a Science Fiction.” It comprises 14 original Sleeping Thunder instrumental tracks for a total listening time of one full hour. The record comes on the heels of his “Destination: There!” LP which appeared in fall of 2014, entrancing listeners and solidifying him as one of the modern era’s most intriguing instrumental composers of independent music. Both albums have been proudly published on the Sleeping Thunder Creations music label outside the influence of the corporate music industry.

Sleeping Thunder has cited as main artistic influences some of the most seminal and uniquely creative bands ever to cut a record, including legends such as Synergy, Tangerine Dream, Hawkwind, and Pink Floyd. Where Sleeping Thunder’s “Still Lost…” LP colored him as a wildly imaginative composer, “Soundtrack for a Science Fiction” moves still farther into unexplored realms of sonic experience, so that the album is a legitimate journey on its own, guiding listeners into worlds beyond just as if tales of adventure were actually playing out before them.

Asked to describe his inspiration for creating “Soundtrack for a Science Fiction,” Sleeping Thunder comments briefly, “I love space and sci-fi … I’d love for my music to feature in a TV or film production, or even at a planetarium.”

Sleeping Thunder’s previous full-length records, “Destination: There!” and “Still Lost, in Thought” have snared the attention of hundreds of music fans at online music outlets such as “Soundtrack for a Science Fiction” being both more comprehensive and more stylistically focused than his freshman and sophomore releases, chances are excellent that Sleeping Thunder is about to find himself the object of a rapidly growing crew of loyal fans clamoring still loudly for more.

“Soundtrack for a Science Fiction” by Sleeping Thunder is available online worldwide. Producers in need of music for their current project, be it for cinema, TV, video games or indeed at a planetarium, should absolutely take note.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

“Soundtrack for a Science Fiction” by Sleeping Thunder –


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