Swedish DJ Ib Odd releases new single ‘Give Me Freedom’

The composer and producer of digital music from Sweden known as Ib Odd has released his latest dance single, “Give Me Freedom.” The track has been released on Ib Odd’s own Nuzzai independent music label, on which he has also published four previous tracks, each of which has garnered him popularity in Europe and abroad. These include his most recent single, 2014’s “Coconut Rum,” 2013’s “Sprezzatura” and “Solen,” as well as “Nordic Jam” which appeared online in 2010. “Give Me Freedom” is the most significant official single to drop from Ib Odd in some time and gives dancers and fans around the world a fresh reason to love Ib Odd.

Ib Odd (AKA IB Odd Vegger) has been making music for years. His iconic style has its roots in subgenres with which relatively few listeners are familiar, such as soca, coupe decale, zoblazo, and funan, all of which have an upbeat, tropical feel and warm tone which makes them as fun to hear as they are to dance to. Ib Odd’s music is uniquely keyboard based, so that his music is often compared to dance tracks from the 1980s such as the Beverly Hills Cop theme song by Harold Faltermeyer.

Stolkholm’s Ib Odd has cited as main artistic influences artists such as DJ Arafat, Kaysha, Bunji Garlin, Prince, Morris Day and the Time, Meiway, Soum Bill, Machel Montano, and Bar-Kays. His own sound takes the best elements of these and creates from them a new amalgam, a gleeful, sunny sound that energizes dance floors, parties, clubs, raves, or even just a pair of headphones.

Ib Odd has attended Songwriters Academy (musikmakarna) in Sweden. He describes his style as “funky/urban/world,” and often collaborates with a partner, Derry Flynn.

“We try to make happy, fresh world music that will fit the masses,” he has said of his music, “but with a unique sound.”

Ib Odd has an official YouTube channel which features music videos and listenable tracks to the public (link provided below).

“Give Me Freedom” by Ib Odd is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


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