Alt- rocker Michael Snellings releases new EP ‘To Be Determined’

The singer and songwriter of alternative rock music known as Michael Snellings has released his new EP album, “To Be Determined.” The record contains four original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes. It is being proudly published as an independent release without the financial or managerial support of the corporate music industry. Written with the creativity of the alt-rock movement and played with the exceptional skill of the classic-rock guitarists, “To Be Determined” is a lo-fi dose of sonic adrenaline fans of pure alternative rock shouldn’t miss.

Michael Snellings cites as main artistic influences a broad swath of different artists.

“Every single well-played artist from the 1940s to present has had a huge influence on me,” Snellings writes. “From the crooners to BB King to John Denver to Black Sabbath to Radiohead to Slash … Most of my guitar influences are from the great guitarists of the classic-rock era. But a few modern guys slip in.”

Snellings has found much popularity making his music available to listeners online.

“With the advent of YouTube,” he writes, “suddenly I became more of an influencer than the influenced. Go figure.”

Fans of the Los Angeles punk rock sound will find the raw power of Snelling’s album to their liking. Those more interested in guitar chops will also appreciate his obvious talent and precision. Music fans with an interest in songwriting will note that “To Be Determined,” largely autobiographical, is a work of rock composition that manages to be catchy, fluid and memorable without being predictable or derivative at all.

“To Be Determined” isn’t Snellings’ first release, but he isn’t interested in his old material these days. He writes of this, “I’ve taken [the old albums] down because I had problems with a previous distributor so you can’t find ’em. Some inconsequential mishmash of stuff that isn’t worth mentioning.”

Snellings began his music career singing solos in the family church and playing guitar by ear. He rehearsed for hours, fingers blistering and sometimes even bleeding. Years later, in the military, he formed “barracks bands” and kept up his chops. Not satisfied with what he could do as an autodidact, he eventually went to college for music theory. He performed on guitar and as a vocalist in several musical theater productions before dedicating himself to writing and recording in the studio.

Today, Michael Snellings is a self-described “semi-famous social media musician” who has described his considerable and enthusiastic fan base as “Thousands of people across the planet listening not only to my music but my inane ramblings as well.”

“Come join me in my world of wild ‘n’ Crazy Ponies and Suicidal Squirrels,” writes Snellings of his latest album, “where you’ll find both Poodle Boys and Sparkly. Eyed. Girls.”

“To Be Determined” by Michael Snellings is available online worldwide beginning 7 November 2015.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

“To Be Determined” by Michael Snellings –
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