Reviews for MondoTunes’ MondoBlast marketing package

Sean McCauley

Hello, my name’s Sean McCauley, and I’m the Senior Editor at MondoTunes. I have penned over 1,250 press releases for independent (and signed) music artists from all over the world. My MondoBlast press releases reach every corner of the Internet and are viewed thousands of times each month by music fans of all ages. For an idea of how musicians feel about my work, please read some real reactions below — they are only a slice of a much, much larger body of accolades of which I am very proud. (Also, feel free to contact my desk directly at

Cheers to you,




Hello Sean!

I just wanted to say thank you for such a beautiful Press Release! I love the fact that you did some research on the songs as well! You really captured in words what I was aiming for.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and thanks again for such a wonderful release!
All the best,

Jennifer R.



This is amazing! Thank you so much!
Everything you wrote was fantastic and well put. I feel like you understood me as an artist from what you wrote.

Thanks again. Loved it!



Hey Sean—You did a wonderful job. I wouldn’t have the balls to describe myself in such glowing terms but you make it work. Thanks so much. I will definitely be promoting this press release blogs and so on—both via Facebook, my own mailing list, Twitter etc. I also managed during the wait for the digital releases–to get the physical CD back in the store at Amazon so I’ll be tying that all together.

Thank you again. I’m very happy to be with Mondo. Again, you did a great job.

Arlin G.


Dearest Sean!

Thank you SO much for such an AWESOME press release! Geez, Sean! You ROCK! (btw: Sean was going to be my name if I were born a boy!) What a great writer you are and I truly appreciate every lovely word! 😉 I look forward to looking into your books!

Thank you SOOOOOO much!

Thanks again! Have a great day!


Hi Sean

I would just like to express my sincere gratitude for the amazing press release you wrote, as well as getting everything released on time!!
This is my first release using Mondotunes and I can see myself staying with you guys from now on!!

I know you guys are a small team but I am so happy to be on board with a company which keep their promises!! So thank you!!!
Many thanks and kind regards,

Vaughn ( Vaughty )


First off thank you for your work and effort in this matter. Now, let me say that this is the best write up I have received up to current. The wording is excellent and you took time to research not only me as an artist but the family and the product I have released, even down to the detail of the video director which I honestly didn’t recall. I must commend you on your hard work and I will surely use MondoTunes in the future and will give a great recommendation if ever the situation arises. Thanks for the work, fam.

Eldra Patrick, Jr.
(of the Motwown Debarges)


Thank you for your help. So many times there seems to be no friends made in business, but I feel like Patsy and I have been blessed to hook up with you at Mondo Tunes. Your press release looks great. Let me get over and read it again right now.

Talk with you later.



Your press release is great! I am the son of a Journalist and never have I seen a better review than that!

I bow to the connoisseur in you and your great taste in superb music!

Thanks and regards,

(Producer of CrestVideos, India)




WOW! This is not only well-written but imaginative and comprehensive to say the least. Outstanding! I can’t even believe it’s about us. Hey, thanks for really listening. It shows and I can’t thank you enough. Thumbs Up!
NoS Leratz, Fleshweapon



Thank you so much im so happy with what you wrote.
you can expect me to use Mondo Tunes services again and again 🙂
-Trinity Sin, NYC

Hi Sean.

I really can not thank you enough for everything thus far you have done for Halo Minor and Livid Lover. The reviews are so creative, engrossing, provocative, and insightful. You really have a gift. I feel like for the first time somebody actually listened close enough to catch some very fine details in what has been attempted with these recordings. I am doubly thankful that your reviews will enlighten other listeners to engage further into the art. I do wish to get Halo Minor out to LA to play sometime in the future. I may be going to another Road Rally this year to network and pitch. Perhaps if you are around I could stop by and say thanks in person.

Have a wonderful day Sean.
Blake and Halo Minor


I meant to do this ages ago, but I’d been distracted by life issues. I will never forget the kind and very thoughtful words you wrote on my blog. It means a lot.   I can see the passion and sincerity in your work too, and it’s refreshing to meet people that appreciate honesty and use words the way an artist would use color tones on his paint brush, it’s inspiring. You and what you do are a blessing, essential to this industry and if I can return the favor and promote your agenda in any way feel free to let me know.

Thank you,
Noel E.


Dear Sean,

I specifically wanted to pull up this e-mail from you. I was so moved and touched by your kind words and comments, I actually cried. Your article was important to me because, as you know, “Dizzy” was my first release.

I am en route to Nashville from New York, as I write this to you. I begin recording tomorrow at OmniSound Studios to complete my album.

Thank you for all of your support!



Good morning Sean,

Thank you so much for an awesome press release! I was blown away when I read it. You sir, are an excellent writer. I was so blessed to hear that you enjoyed it. I truly hope I get the opportunity to work with you again. The experience was phenomenal.

And please, call me Ruben. Thank you again for such wonderful writing. It was truly beyond my expectations. Many blessings to you my friend.


Ruben B.


Thank you for the amazing press release Sean!

I just read through it all and couldn’t be more happy! I’ll be sending it out to all local papers, social media sites, radio stations, etc., so that it can reach people right when it’s released. My next project is already underway, and I do hope you’ll be the writer once again! Thank you so much Sean.
Jake L.


Thanks again for the job u did on the press release. It was awesome as always.. I really appreciate it.. We will be working again soon God willing. I already have something set up to release in the top of 2016 that I am working on. Can’t wait to see what kind of press release u will draw up for me then!

Thanks a lot and take care,


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