Rapper Shiest City releases debut single ‘So Loud’

The Brooklyn rapper known as Shiest City has released his official debut single, “So Loud.” The track has been proudly published on the Boyzrecord independent music label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Stylish, thumping and full of rhythm and groove, “So Loud” is a track which is already winning Shiest City fans from coast to coast.

Shiest City cites as main artistic influences Jay Z, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Vybz Kartel, Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. While he shares many qualities of these, his own sound is definitely unique, blending the island undertones of dancehall music with the old-school East Coast sound from which both hip hop and Shiest himself originally sprouted.

The rap artist has also been described as a lyricist who carefully sculpts his lines and rhymes into phrases which both achieve the sound he’s looking for and carry the precise meaning he’s aiming to communicate. His songs are more urban poetry than pop hip hop. They’re often narrative. “So Loud” is an example of both his skill at turning phrases and his talent for storytelling.

“The concept for ‘So Loud’ is based around a good girl gone bad,” writes Shiest City. “Many girls have a fantasy of a thug who can satisfy her through words and physically at the same time. When a woman finds herself in her ideal sexual fantasy, she tends to let herself go and not care if someone in the next room or the neighbors down the block hear her screams; she is just trapped in the moment. This isn’t a love story, just a casual encounter between two adults.”

An active live performer, Shiest City can frequently be found engaging in public freestyle battles at venues such as in Flatbush, Webster Hall, and on “The Star and Buc Wild Show” from New York City’s WWPR 105.1 FM.

Much of Shiest City’s musical, professional and personal character can be gleaned from hearing him speak about what he terms the “New York Mentality,” which he likens to a “Darwinian intellectual growth and artistry that only an East Coast rapper can understand.”

“We improve because we are forced to,” Shiest City has said of this. “It is with this mentality that New York has become great, and it is with this mentality that it will continue to be great. This mentality pervades every man, woman, and child in this city … Growing up in Flatbush gave me a musical education more than any school could.”

“So Loud” from Shiest City on the Boyzrecord label is available online worldwide now. Get in early, hip-hop fans.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


“So Loud” from Shiest City –

Official Website


Shiest City Contact

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ShiestCity

Twitter https://twitter.com/shiest_city

SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/shiest-city

Email: contact@shiestcity.com

Boyz Record Label Contact

Name: Briana Hetherington

Email: brianaH@boyzrecord.com

Website: http://www.boyzrecord.com


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