Independent ‘Digital Recorded-Music Label’ MVB Records Kicks Off Its Relaunch With a Compilation Album

MVB RECORDS once reshaped the independent music scene by offering health insurance to its artists, and also reinvented the idea of “artist development” by offering its artists: acting classes, acting gigs, choreography, music video shoots, photo shoots, hair, wardrobe, and makeup on set, and much more. The label was put on the back-burner in 2013, when its parent company MVB Entertainment LLC. began to shift its focus to global music distribution (for labels and artists), and talent management, via its then newly created music division, MVBEMG.

Despite MVB Records being out of operation for over 2 years, its demo submissions amassed to over three thousand submissions; while MVB Entertainment LLC’s newest music division, MVBEMG, fell into the red. A decision was made in the 1st quarter of 2016 to cease the operations of MVBEMG, and in late 2nd quarter of 2016, MVB Entertainment LLC. decided to relaunch its original music division, MVB Records.

MVB Records is being relaunched under a description that MVB Entertainment LLC. calls a, “Digital Recorded-Music Label”. This is a description that has never been used before in the music industry, and it’s also a description that MVB Entertainment LLC. feels will keep the label focused on what originally helped the label find success in its early years.

To celebrate the relaunch of MVB Records, a ten track compilation album that features music from some of the artists once signed to the label, will be released sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2016. You can expect that album to contain songs from several genres: Alternative, Dance, Jazz, Hip Hop, Gospel, and Pop; although nothing has been set in stone.



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