MVB Records Releases Final (Best of) Albums From Ray Bop and Miss LaVega


NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, July 4, 2016

As MVB Records prepares for its relaunch; and its future, its owner, Abdel Russell, decided it was the right time to release the final albums of two artists who he considers the best to have ever recorded for his record label. Ray Bop and Miss LaVega (formerly known as La ‘ Vega) were the last two artists who were lucky enough to receive record deals from the iconic indie record label. From 2011 to 2015, MVB ENTERTAINMENT, LLC. (MVB Records / MVBEMG) invested heavily in its artist development program: music videos, acting classes, studio time, photo shoots, transportation, choreography, wardrobe stylists, etc. This type of focus on artist development helped MVB to become very popular within the independent music scene of New York city.

It has been well over a year since the contracts for Miss LaVega and Ray Bop ended with MVB, and since then, both artists have become proud parents and are still actively pursuing music and other endeavors. Abdel Russell says that Ray Bop is starting to get his Cash Hungry Government record label off the ground, and that Ray Bop is currently a force to be reckoned with in the underground Hip Hop Battle scene. He also mentioned that Miss LaVega is building a strong team around her, including people that are involved in music and television.

Abdel Russell also said that he is still in contact with both Ray Bop and Miss LaVega. When asked why there has not been any new music from his two former artists, he said this, “Both Ray and Vega are doing fine. What’s interesting is that when each one of their contracts ended with us, our company was going through restructuring, so we were not in the position to sign Ray a 3rd time, or in Vega’s case a 2nd time. Besides that, I personally think they took some time away from music because of many things; some personal, and some just comes with being young and not having to worry about a job; because they were making money from their music. Not to mention, most up-and-coming artists have no idea what it’s like to be thrown into the spotlight; when those cameras start flashing, and your on the set of your music video getting wardrobed by a stylist, or when the only thing you have to worry about is getting to the studio on time, and money is not an issue, life starts to move very fast. To be honest, I think they both needed to take some time off to put everything in perspective”.

Both Ray Bop’s and Miss LaVega’s self-titled albums are currently available on all online music stores. “RayBop”, by Ray Bop, is a 13 track album with songs that span the artist’s career with MVB Records, and “Miss LaVega”, by Miss LaVega, is a 14 track album with music that she recorded during her time with the label.

S. Anderson

Sandra Anderson



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