DJ Paul Azizeh releases single ‘The Dawn of Techno-Logik Records’

The DJ and turntablist known as Paul Azizeh has released his latest official single, “The Dawn of Techno-Logik Records.” While listed as a single, it is actually a bundle of three singles, “First Voyage,” “Lawrence” and “Let Go” with a combined listening time of 25 minutes. As might be presumed, they have been proudly published on the Techno-Logik Records independent music label outside the control of the corporate music industry. Blending old-school vinyl methods and sounds with cutting-edge digital tones and interplay, “The Dawn of Techno-Logik Records” is a release fans of EDM everywhere will want to sample.

Seattle’s Paul Azizeh cites as main artistic influences Magnus, Christopher Lawrence, Wes Nesman tha Digital Dragon, and John 00 Fleming. His own sound is firmly based on the traditions and attention to melodies which made turntablism great in the 1980s and ’90s, but adds to this his own spin on the post-dubstep electronic dance music scene. The result is an octane-charged groove which will appeal to house music fans from the original digital underground, party-goers of the first raves, and enthusiasts of today’s popular EDM festivals altogether.

Azizeh’s style is also informed by his own TL Sessions online radio show, a popular monthly program hosted by Azizeh which showcases guest DJs and producers from the United States and around the world.

Asked to remark on the themes of his new album, Azizeh writes simply, “My album has lots of emotions both uplifting and powerful. Hope you enjoy.”

Paul Azizeh’s current official bio describes him and his music as “a disciplined driving force dedicated to precision and the art of his presentation. Combining quality mixing with a vast and dynamic sound scape, Paul provides a mastered example of skill. Easily a dominating force on both the progressive and trance fields of EDM, Azizeh is quickly on the rise combining his refined mixing abilities with his exploration into production to create an experience both unique and unforgettable.”

“The Dawn of Techno-Logik Records” by Paul Azizeh is available online worldwide from over 700 digital music stores now.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

“The Dawn of Techno-Logik Records” by Paul Azizeh –

The TL Sessions show at Mixcloud –

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