Indian-electronica artist Latrama releases ‘Jaipur’

The producer, composer and DJ of Indian-inspired electronic music known as Latrama has released “Jaipur.” It contains eight original dance tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. The release has been proudly published on the Chandra Sound Records independent music label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Upbeat, exotic, and suitable for listening on headphones and dance floors alike, “Jaipur” by Latrama represents some of the most uniquely colorful EDM 2018 has seen yet.

Spain’s Latrama is a member of the popular electronic music collective, Chandra Sound System. He has cited as main artistic influences State of Bengal, Talving Singh, Odesza, and Bonobo. He has described his own music as “a trip full of root traditional sounds from India and Asia together with spicy electronic beats to transport your mind and wellness.”

In addition to the talents of Latrama, himself, “Jaipur” also features a remix by Miom, two remixes by Tapiador, and a special, exclusive collaboration with State of Bengal, “Smiling Tea.” “Smiling Tea” represents a gifted tribute to the art and memory of State of Bengal, who passed away three years prior.

Latrama himself, a producer, multi-instrumentalist and DVJ, has been called “one of the key global mixers of traditional Indian and world music sounds with electronic breaks.” His fans know him as a familiar face appearing at his various DJ residences, live performances, public radio, TV ads and reels, music conferences, underground clubs, large festivals, and in collaborations as an Indian tabla player or remixer.

He has performed in Madrid, Berlin, Mumbai, London, Barcelona, Lisbon, Beijing, San Francisco, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, and a great many other locales.

Latrama’s current official bio describes his live show as combining “a perfectly upbeat and balanced mix of broken beats, fat bass lines and global root sounds to surprise and engage to the dance floor.”

Genetic Drugs for PharmaTunes in Germany calls “Jaipur,” “True relaxation and healing tones from the sound surgeon.”

The UK’s Osmani Soundz of Anokha on Nasha Records calls Latrama’s latest release “Smooth, relaxing, sublime and with dreamy atmospheric textures.”

Fellow performer with Chandra Sound System, Ekant, says of Latrama’s style, “What a solemnity, full of life music, to enter the magic India.”

“Jaipur” by Latrama is available from over 600 quality music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, electronica fans.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

“Jaipur” by Latrama –

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