Singer and EDM composer Gian Z releases single ‘Two Girls!’

The singer and composer of EDM known as Gian Z has released his latest official single, “Two Girls!” The track has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Pumping, popping, and suitable for both nightclub DJ playlists and private listening in earbuds, “Two Girls!” showcases Gian Z as a versatile and exciting dance music artist.

While he’s currently a dance music and electronica artist, South Florida’s Gian Z (often stylized ‘gian Z’) cites as main musical influences a broad selection of categories.

“I have grown up listening to various genres of music,” Gian Z writes, “mostly pop rock and rap, and over the last six years my main focus has been more in the genres of electronic music.”

Gian Z may just be breaking through to the public eye and ear, but he’s no new hand at songwriting. A veteran of the craft, Gian Z began creating original songs near the turn of the millennium, when he was still just a high school student.

“When I was 15,” he says, “I began getting lyric ideas in my head and just began writing them down, which evolved into recording and making music. My art has evolved over 15 years now to the point I finally reached in which I am getting close.”

Asked to describe the overall theme and message of his new dance track, “Two Girls!” Gian Z writes, “This single is a fun approach to the standard taboo of a guy being with two girls, although it comes with a comic twist.”

Of the song’s musical mode and tone, themselves, he notes that it “has a really cool LMFAO party vibe in my own unique style and and adaptation.”

“Two Girls!” from Gian Z is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

“Two Girls!” from Gian Z –

Official Website –


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