Rock singer Skarlett Alexander releases new single ‘Thank God You’re Pretty’

The alternative-rock singer and songwriter known as Skarlett Alexander has released her latest single, “Thank God You’re Pretty.” It appears on Alexander’s album, “Banana Taffy.” The track has been proudly published on the Skarlett Alexander Productions independent record label without the direction or financial support of the corporate music industry. Unique, driving, and full of the power that keeps alt-rock at the tip of the modern underground music spear, “Thank God You’re Pretty” introduces Skarlett Alexander as one of the most intriguing new voices of the 21st century.

Skarlett Alexander cites as main artistic influences Amanda Palmer, Alex Turner, Emile Autumn, Michael Jackson and Pierce the Veil. Her own sound on “Thank God You’re Pretty” mixes elements of these with her own ethereal natural singing voice and melody-based songwriting for a result which will appeal to a wide array of music fans. Those whom appreciate pop music best when it is graced with heavy doses of creativity will find a uniquely satisfying surprise in “Thank God You’re Pretty.”

Born in Brooklyn, NYC and living now in Los Angeles, Skarlett sums up the general themes of her new single in few words: “This album speaks to wrongs done and overcome.”

“Thank God You’re Pretty” by Skarlett Alexander is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, alt-rock fans.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

“Thank God You’re Pretty” by Skarlett Alexander –


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