Rock group Nulberry releases debut single ‘Vegan Chicken’

The indie alt-rock crew known as Nulberry have released their official debut single, “Vegan Chicken.” The track has been proudly published on the Chewy Records independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Blending the original indie sound of the late nineties with a unique style of song composition all their own, Nulberry place “Vegan Chicken” on the top shelf beside some of alternative music’s best-loved singles.

Daytona, FL’s Nulberry cite as main artistic influences Pavement, Modest Mouse, Delta Sleep, The Unicorns, and The Microphines. If this seems like a grab bag of fringe art rock, note that Modest Mouse have been gracing FM radio for almost 20 years, while Pavement heavily influenced Phish, The Black Keys, The Royal City Band, and countless others.

Nulberry’s own sound has been described as indie-math-pop rock, which fits. Unpredictable percussion and chord progressions underlie poetic, un-repetitious lyrics delivered with a minimum of pretension. The result is music for the connoisseur, the vinyl collector, and live-music enthusiast. Somehow, too, Nulberry’s “Vegan Chicken” manages to have plenty of hooks for the casual music fan on the go.

Asked to comment on the themes of “Vegan Chicken,” Nulberry write, “In this world in which information is universal and art can be shared to anyone who owns a computer with the click of a mouse, it is inordinately difficult to feel unique or special. ‘All I have to say has all been said before.’”

This last phrase, quoted from the single, itself, comes with more than a dose of irony. Hardly anyone is doing what Nulberry are doing today. Neither is this accidental. In fact, it forms a large part of “vegan Chicken,” too.

It is a daunting goal to want to provide the world with something unique and worthy of being remembered for,” Nulberry say of this. “There will be no legacy.” And again referencing their song: “’My corpse is all I plan to leave behind.’”

Nulberry are founding members Cory Lott (guitar, vocals) and Cameron Miller (percussion) with Joe Boxell (synth) and Cory Tanner (bass). Nulberry are currently at Dungeon Recording Studio working on new material for their first EP with producer Fredric Freeman.

Vegan Chicken” by Nulberry is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, indie fans. Very early.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

Vegan Chicken” by Nulberry –

Nulberry – Vegan Chicken at Spotify at iTunes at Amazon

Official Website –

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