Barry Wilkins releases new single ‘202’

ATLANTA, Georgia, 2021-Mar-19 — /IMNN/ —

The songwriter and producer of funk music known as Barry Wilkins has released his latest official single, “202.” It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the the corporate music industry. As his debut solo release, “202” is only the latest work from Wilkins, who played for several famed Stax Records crews including Art Jerry Miller, the Mad-Lads, and the Bar-Kays. Overflowing with style and performed deep in the groove, “202” introduces Barry Wilkins as one of the most intriguing funk artists of the year so far.

“202” by Barry Wilkins has been released with an official music video (link provided below).

The Atlanta area’s Barry Wilkins (originally from Memphis, Tenn.) cites as main artistic influences guitar titans Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Hazel, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Prince, as well as legendary funk bands the Funkadelics and Earth, Wind and Fire. With an emphasis on soul, rhythm, and his own personal sonic flair, “202” by Barry Wilkins has a little something for everybody.

Asked to describe the overall theme of “202,” Barry Wilkins writes, “202 is about a place and what you will experience. It is a magnetic as well as a magical journey. ‘Magnetic,’ meaning it will draw you back again. It’s the land where creativity and imagination reside.”

Wilkins has been successful in the music industry from a very young age. Wilkins has performed in as disparate locales as Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, Colorado, Louisiana, Texas, California, the Carolinas, and many others.

“I want my listeners to experience a place where no problems exist; allow my music to pull them into an exciting state of mind and let the funk enter, raise them up, and leave them with a hunger to listen to it again and again– because it feels good and sounds good” writes Barry Wilkins.

Barry Wilkins makes a point of thanking his late cousin and fellow Stax musician, Harold Beane (who performed with Eddie Floyd, William Bell, Isaac Hayes) to whom the single is dedicated. He also dedicates this drop with thanks to his wife, Conniece.

Wilkins would also like to acknowledge guitarist Larry Lee (who performed with Jimi Hendrix, Al Green). “He along with Harold,” says Wilkins, “are all from the same neighborhood, right down the street and around the corner from each other. Three success stories from Elliston Heights in Memphis.”

And what of his debut solo single? Wilkins plays it cool.

“This is a long time coming, but nothing happens before it is time, and I feel the time is now.”

“202” by Barry Wilkins is available from quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get it early, funk music fans.

“202” by Barry Wilkins —

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