Unisex releases new single ‘Let the Tide Take You’

The songwriter and producer of indie rock music known as Unisex has released their latest official single, “Let the Tide Take You.” It is the debut single from their upcoming debut album, “Powerful Situations,” due for release 23 April 2021. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry on the Campers’ Rule Records label. Described variously as indie rock, jangle pop, indie pop, tropical and psychedelic or art rock, music on “Powerful Situations” such as “Let the Tide Take You” will appeal fans of independent rock everywhere.

Unisex cite as main artistic influences a colorful amalgam of rock across the last six decades. These include Talking Heads, CAN, Beach Boys, Richard Swift, Jason Molina, Eliot Smith, Camera Obscura, Nina Simone, the Sea and Cake, Yo La Tengo, Built to Spill, The Byrds, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Santigold, Thundercat, and Alice Coltrane. Informed by the qualities and stylistic nuances of all the above, “Let the Tide Take You” by Unisex has something for fans of many music categories.

A second single from their “Powerful Situations” LP, “Fake Banksy,” is scheduled to appear 6 April.

Unisex are Brian Russ (guitar, vocals), Brad Connolley (bass, drums, vocals), Billy Fidler (drums), and Connor Zarkowski (keys, bass). Also appearing on their record are Amos Rose (keys), Meredith Meyer (vocals), and Daniel Belski (guitar). A musical statement of our time, Unisex music was already being composed, performed and recorded online by 2018. By the time COVID-19 forced every US act into virtual space, Unisex had already compiled much of what would become their debut LP, “Powerful Situations.” The record is among the first to have been entirely incepted from four disparate American locales, namely Brooklyn, NY; Nashville, TN; Los Angeles, CA; and Missoula, MT.

Asked to describe the overall theme of “Let the Tide Take You,” Unisex writes that it suggests “simply giving up and giving in, knowing that consumerism and capitalism will one day consume us all.” Other tracks on the LP are even more sociopolitical, such as “Address to United Nations” about ex-President Donald Trump spreading nationalism and threatening nuclear war at the 2016 UN Summit. It also refers to the Parkland shooting, the spreading of diseases on NYC subways (prophetically penned before the pandemic), the culture of fake news, fake tans, and botox treatments.

“The paranoid feeling we now live with,” Unisex write, “of always needing to be ready to be attacked, the death of young artists before their prime, why some people hate their mothers, why so many useless plastic products get shipped around the globe on those menacing massive cargo boats, the gathering of white supremicist groups and the rise of hate crimes in the Trump era … These are all themes on our debut record.”

Ultimately, Unisex’s upcoming debut LP blatantly claims, “Everybody is full of sh-t.”

“Overall, it’s a gas!” they write.

Unisex’s own official website describes “Powerful Situations” as “written as an initial reaction to the Trump presidency” which “molded itself, magically, into a response to the pandemic. It was worked on both pre and post covid. But Brian Russ knew in his heart that it needed to be completed before the 2020 election. Now it lives as a stamp in time, reminding us of what we went through for four years, and begging us to learn and grow for all that we have survived through.”

“We’re tiny little specks on this tiny little stone,” writes Russ, quoting the song dedicated to his four-year-old daughter, Bernadette. “People sometimes forget that we share this little home.”

The members of Unisex are all established musicians who have toured around the country with previous acts and played on stages ranging from Red Rocks Ampitheatre to the Bowery Ballroom and Brooklyn Steel.

“Let the Tide Take You” by Unisex is available from Campers’ Rule Records at over 500 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, indie music fans.

– S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer


Let the Tide Take You” by Unisex —

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