Gimbal.lock drop debut single, “Fantasy”

Well this was a nice surprise out of nowhere.

Gimbal.lock are a rock crew based in Germany with a loosely Oasis sound. They’re tonally much, much cleaner than that, though, and there’s a crisp professionalism all over this debut track which rests on razor-sharp enters and exits with no half measures taken at all. Everything is right on the beat and all the notes are so properly executed it almost sounds digital. Somehow, though, it also succeeds in coming across as the analog playing it clearly is.

Sound boring? It’s not.

Part of what sets “Fantasy” apart is an uncommon Arabic underpinning in the composition which will appeal to anyone who’s gotten tired of the same old, same old American rock standards.

Bonus: they pumped out a Christmas rock track (Gloria / In Excelsis Deo) that doesn’t suck either, as Xmas tracks go.

In any case, gimbal.lock are worth watching. I’d like to see an LP by these guys.

Hear them out at their official website at .

—S. McCauley

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