Livid Lover releases surprise indie-pop single ‘Ayla You Blow My Mind’

The singer-songwriter known as Livid Lover has released his latest rock single, an indie-pop track titled “Ayla You Blow My Mind.” The track has been dropped with an accompanying B-side, “All Reason’s Leaving Now,” as well as an extended version for fans and enthusiasts. They are the first official releases from Livid Lover since his 2015 LP, “Don’t Worry, I’ll Always Love You … And of Course … Mess with Your Head.” Stylistically accessible, emotionally complex, and as creatively colorful as fans of Livid Lover have come to expect, “Ayla You Blow My Mind” is a single to remind us that contemporary pop can still bring depth and texture into the 21st century.

Livid Lover is the stage name of Blake Nolan Hanson. Hanson is also known for his work with Halo Minor, whose 2015 EP “Further Now You’re Close” features Derek Abrams of Ministry on drums. Hanson cites as main artistic influences a broad spectrum of legends including Stevie Wonder, Sia, the Mars Volta, Failure, the Year Of The Rabbit, Flood, Bjork, Deftones, and Massive Attack.

Also notable on “Ayla…” are the talents of Devin Tomczik, who provided drums and percussion which drive the music and lend palpable adrenaline and power.

Fans of power-pop bands like Big Star and the Plimsouls, as well as those of alternative-rock crews like Stone Temple Pilots and Smashing Pumpkins, are likely to find much to appreciate in “Ayla You Blow My Mind” by Livid Lover. “Ayla…” blends acoustic minimalism in its production with unexpected yet effective chord progressions. Livid Lover’s raw vocals bespeak an underlying blues principle, his lyric style on “Ayla…” and its B-side, “All Reason’s…” venturing into the narrative mode of bluegrass.

This makes sense, as the Minneapolis native has since migrated to the American music hotbed of Nashville.

“Nashville has reinforced in me the importance of the lyric and storytelling,” writes Livid Lover. “I would not have written this single had it not been for the move. Any given night, one can find top-level writers performing. It’s just ridiculous. Humbling and eye opening as well.”

While music from Livid Lover does boast a level of maturity beyond typical “bubblegum” pop standards, Hanson, himself, does not wax proud. In fact, he dislikes taking credit for even his solo work.

“[Who writes my songs?] The multi-verse. My background in studying songwriting helps me collaborate with that infinite intelligence.”

He also helps fans understand his creative process in terms of a purposeful aural awareness.

“I gravitate to what sounds beautiful in my ears and try my best to put together what I can with what I feel I am good at doing. I want those who take time to listen to what I and my lovely collaborators do to have a unique experience. I really just want to become a super version of this weird thing inhabiting my body, and I want to see a huge shift in consciousness take place soon.”

Of no small interest, too, is Livid Lover’s unique method of self-motivation. This notably included the ultimatum of a donation to the Westboro Baptist Church, known for its use of inflammatory hate speech in the media. The artist could not allow himself to fail.

“It was part of a list of tasks to activate a quantum leap in my artist career,” Hanson explains. “My penalty for non-completion was a $50.00 check written to the Westboro Baptist Church. (Not my idea, but a great one to motivate me, I thought). This nine-day list had, like, five YouTube vids to post, a complete demo of ‘Ayla…’ 90% done, and some other uncomfortable things. Tiring week, but it all got done. Westboro got $0 from me, I found the exciting chorus, and I was able to send the song to the one who inspired it on her birthday as a gift.”

Music aficionados have similar reasons to celebrate. Songwriting like that of Livid Lover is a gift to music, itself, and to audiophiles everywhere.

“Ayla You Blow My Mind” by Livid Lover is available from over 600 quality digital music retailers online worldwide now. Get in early.

An official music video for “Ayla You Blow My Mind” is also expected soon.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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The post-grunge, alternative-rock group from Minneapolis called Halo Minor have released their new EP album, “Further-Now You’re Close.” The record contains six original tracks for an approximate total listening time approaching half an hour. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Melodic and orchestral, thrumming and soaring, passionate and a little dark, “Further-Now You’re Close” by Halo Minor mustn’t be missed be fans of alt-rock and the grunge tradition.

Halo Minor cite as chief influences Queen, the Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd, Failure, Alice in Chains, Faith No More, Tool, the National, Sia Furler (Crisp), the Cure, and the Mars Volta.

Some Halo Minor attributes can be directly traced to these inspirations, yet they bear the creative twists of HM, themselves. Their towering vocal harmonies recall those of Alice in Chains but with a surprisingly affirming, choral character rather than the cynical delivery of Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell. The Pumpkins-esque guitars on “Further…” (of which there seem to be a thousand) come in warm waves and reverberate from all directions, roaring, rushing, plunging and charging.

Songwriting plays a key role in the achievement that is “Further-Now You’re Close” by Halo Minor, too, particularly in the instrumental composition of each track. Ignoring for a moment its exceptional vocals, the EP could easily give listeners enough to chew on with just its evocative chord progressions and startling turns of musical phrase. Taken simply as instrumentals, these songs are highly narrative.

Halo Minor’s vocals – an accomplishment in themselves – supply a large share of HM’s signature sound, though, and their lyrics are satisfyingly deliberate in an age that often rewards the insipid and punishes the thought provoking. If the same above experiment were applied to the vocal tracks on “Further-Now You’re Close,” the result would resemble a haunting yet beautiful choir.

HM’s total personality depends on more, however. Bass lines tell their own story, marrying the guitars to the drums and often sounding somehow heroic when rising above the din. Keyboard phrases appear, filling out the sound in ways one wouldn’t think possible and falling back into the music so subtly that the listener sometimes still hears them after they’ve gone. The percussion of Halo Minor represents a wonder of tasteful aggression, having an almost jazz-like quality in its spaciousness and an explosiveness in its timekeeping, like a remarkably mindful and creative combustion engine.

Naturally, the combination of all the above produces the greatest effect, that of Minnesota’s own Halo Minor.

Halo Minor’s current official bio describes their songs as “sonic descriptors of feelings, people and places left behind; beautiful living memories and yet, due to time, sometimes corrupted like a faded photo, beauty in a state of repose and then reborn from remembrance.”

“Further-Now You’re Close” by Halo Minor is available at over 700 stores online worldwide. Get in early, fans of alt-rock and grunge. Very, very early.

Halo Minor are Blake Nolan Hanson (Floozie, Livid Lover) bassist Kerry Dalton Hanson (Black Flood Diesel, Numm, Atlas Shrugged), keyboard/vocalist Zack Jones, lead guitarist Danny Gan and drummer Devin Tomczik.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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