Suited Records music label opens doors

A new independent music label called Suited Records opened its doors in June of 2014. The label has been launched by veteran music writer Roy Cooper and already has a catalog of more than ten official releases. “The Magic of Christmas,” “Flowers to Arlington,” and “The Fireman” are among the most popular titles, but scores of songs have been made available for sampling and purchase, many with official videos also for sampling and purchase. Nearly all selections published under the Suited Records label benefit an associated charity as noted at the official Suited Records website (link provided below).

Suited Records gets its name from the denotation of the word ‘suited,’ which means appropriate, satisfactory, suitable, befitting, or “right for a particular purpose or situation because of having all of the qualities needed.”

True to their name, Suited Records pairs many of their releases with an appropriate charity; for example, a portion of sales from “The Fireman” (a tribute song for the 343 firemen killed on 9/11) go to support dependents of firemen killed at work, and a percentage of sales from “Heaven’s Window” go to help needy families of servicemen wounded or lost in the line of duty.

“We are very selective about our releases,” writes founder Roy Cooper, “and our songs cover a wide range of subjects and themes. A Christmas song, a few tribute songs, one about the destruction of our planet, and another concerned with animal welfare, are just a few available to watch and listen to.”

Suited Records isn’t merely a way to do good in the world through music, however. It’s also a celebration of a life lived in music.

“I have been writing songs and making music videos for over 30 years now,” writes founder Roy Cooper, “and after passing the 70-year-old milestone, I felt it was time to make a more positive move in getting my songs heard and my music videos seen.

“When I told my wife my plan to start my own record label and build this website, she said, ‘What, at your age?’ and I laughed and replied, ‘Whilst there’s breath in me, I will always try.’ So I beavered away on my PC and here we are.”

The artists and various performers featured on the Suited Records website are widely varied and numerous.

“This is just a selection of the song catalog that I have built up over the years with my wife Helen and co-writers from around the world,” Cooper explains. “We will be adding more of them to the Suited Records label over the next few months. During my journey I have made friends with many talented songwriters whom I never would have met had it not been for the Internet. My thanks go to them all, and also to the Internet.”

Suited Records is open for business at